For those that yearn to be. For the aunties and the teachers and the guides. For all women who deeply cherish and are invested in the well-being and thriving of the next generation. For any woman looking to deepen her relationship with her own inner family.

This is for you.

  She sees motherhood as the journey of a million lifetimes - a most profound initiation - be it in birthing her children or creations.

She knows that the creative process will activate her and shine a light on her blind posts. She welcomes the expanded vision available in discovering what lay in the darkness.

She recognises the purity, innocence and potentiality in her children and creations, and is increasingly coming to know that they reflect her own magic - lost sometimes, but never forgotten entirely.

The Illusion Of Worthiness - what of it? Every word written into that agreement has been crumpled up and tossed in the bin. She understands it was never a question of whether she was worthy enough. Only whether she was brave enough.

She knows how to de-code life. That life is not supposed to be consistently comfortable, and that her discomfort does not mean that she is unsafe.

She knows that she is designed to feel as deeply as her children do. To express as freely and as cleanly as her children do. To dream and manifest and imagine as uninhibited as her children do.

  RebalMA takes the lid off of her child and ceases attempting to control her creations. She lets her art breathe and pulse with life. She creates boundaries so that her children can play right up to the edge of them, and then telepathically, spontaneously, they can both expand their capacity, together  

RebelMA knows that perfection is not the antidote; that tenderness is. She has her own back. She holds her own heart when she cries with the same unconditionality as she would hold her little one.

(She knows there are a million little ones alive within her, in every moment)

She recognises herself in her children and creations and yet, as often as she can remember, doesn’t project herself upon them. She decides, everyday, not to punish herself by punishing them. 

She breathes. She feels the impulse to treat as she was treated, but she breathes.

And in a moment, karma evaporates and liberation lingers in the space between them. 

She is not afraid of the bigness of this love. She will let it consume her on occasion just so that she can feel the absolute absurd immensity of it. She is not afraid of breaking open. She celebrates life. She watches her children sleep while blinking away tears of wonder. She understands that her enormous capacity to give can only be received to the degree she is willing to receive, too. 

She has answered the call.

To delight in the witnessing of the next generation. 

To mop up the remains of her pains and transform them into sweet little blooms; an offering to the earth, rather than a mess for her children to slip on.


She thanks the mess. She sees its role.



RebalMA creates a world out of mothering that she believes in; 

beyond what has been predictably demonstrated. 

She forgives her mother.

She lets love rush in. 

And she whispers into the ears of her child,

and into the hearts of her inner children: 

Thank you for letting me love you.


A powerful and poetic offering.


We will journey over FIVE days together IN THE DIGITAL REALM, each DAY'S SESSION building upon and tending to all that emerges in the one before.


Beauty beneath mother wounds

Restoring childhood boundaries

New standards of relating

Energetic signature: Martyrdom

Portal of desire


Sovereignty and soul lessons

The first seven years

The forgiveness we'd wish for

Masculine + Feminine energetics in motherhood 


It’s not about the trigger, but rather what’s attached to it

Sitting at the throne of your awareness

Energy play 


You are the nucleus

Self-administering the medicine of soul qualities 

Attuning to the essence of your family 

Creating your coven


Allowing the mother to be mothered

Join me in deep ceremony

Closing our journey together


RebelMa access includes all five video modules, membership to our private, dedicated digital lodgings, and discussion group

You will have access to all recordings for the lifetime of the masterclass

This offering is evergreen, there will not be live content


*Payment plans are not available for this offering.

Please take the time you need to know, in your bones, that this offering is right for you at this time; RebelMa is a digital service, and once made available to you, cannot be refunded for change of mind (or heart). If you have queries, we encourage you to reach out to [email protected] prior to purchase.


I offer potent mentorship, refined energetics and immersive programs for powerful women creating extraordinary lives and businesses.

I champion transformation amongst the chain-breakers and rule-changers, and deeply love the work of facilitating group experiences where individual, as well as collective evolution, become evident.

My mission is to be an example of dreams-made-real; guiding women away from the confines of imprinting and back to the remembrance of their vastness through energy alchemy technology, laser-sharp coaching and ceremony.

I believe that true freedom is available to each and every one of us and is just a breath away… and I simply can’t wait to serve you in the glorious container that is RebelMa.  

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